OG 'Eyes Up' Knit Cap

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OG 'Eyes Up' Knit Cap

Embrace the winter chill in style with the Obeygrey "Eyes to the Sky" Knit Cap.

Crafted with care, this classic toboggan boasts a modern, form-fitting shape that not only keeps you warm but also elevates your fashion game. The cap's sleek black and grey design perfectly complements any outfit, making it an ideal everyday winter-wear essential.

Made from 100% acrylic fabric, this cap effortlessly balances lightweight comfort with exceptional warmth. Its 3-inch folding cuff allows for easy customization, and with the great price and quality of the Port & Company Knit Cap, you're getting unbeatable value.

Whether you're braving the winter streets or rocking it at a bass-filled show, let your style speak volumes with the Obeygrey "Eyes to the Sky" Knit Cap. Stay cozy, stay cool, and keep your eyes on the skies!