Who even are you?
We are a collective of artists, labels, agents, musicians, and dreamers looking to spread our designs and our spirit via goods - digital and physical.

Okay, what does that mean?
MERCHBOOTH is the brainchild of Charlie Smith of Bodhi Industries as a way to help his friends and colleagues sell and fulfill merch orders with accuracy and speed. 

What can I expect for shipping times?
We try to ship within 24 hours if an order is placed during the business week, if not much faster.
During holiday time periods, this may extend to 48 hours in the business week.
Please be mindful: we consist of one full time employee, one part time helper, and two cats! 

I'm not satisfied with my order, who do I contact?
You can reach out via CONTACT

How do I get involved as an artist or a brand?
Also reach out via CONTACT